Four Seasons

Filming and photography are my passion. This particular project I’ve done with my brother is the best proof. We started in Summer 2012 in Bieszczady Mountains in Poland. It was first video from the series done entirely in time-lapse showing our beautiful mountains. This video from Summer got so popular that we decided to go back there and film other three seasons. It took us over a year to finish this project, 6 months at front of the computer editing all the footage plus over a month in the wild. In the Winter my brother couldn’t go with me so I was there myself hiking for 9 days. As a result we have four videos each dedicated to one season, we have one video with all four seasons in it which was used by HBO to promote one of their TV series and one documentary from my Winter expedition (it will be soon translated to English so come back to check it). I wrote all the music as well for the series.